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Improve/Expand on Visual Studio Team Services Connector

I am creating a flow to notify the team (and other stakeholders) when code is pushed to GIT to add an item to a sharepoint list.


I would like more fields:

  • URL to the commit
  • commit comments
  • branch name

I am also getting duplicate entries in my sharepoint list from the flow action.


I would like to see more integration with Visual Studio Team Services like "When code is Merged" or when a merge is approved...



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would like to have that too

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I have created an approval flow that is writing back to a SharePoint list which is also giving me duplicate entries for what I can see no apparent reason. Did you get to the bottom of yours at all? Or solve the issue with the duplicates? 


I've created a few other Flows with success and this is the first time I have had this issue - annoying!