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Improve Parse JSON step to better natively handle null type in Power Automate

Right now when trying to parse JSON to return a value to Power Apps, the parsing will fail if any of the desired keys contains a null value and type: "null" is not included in the JSON schema.

For example, the JSON I'm working with contains the key "technicalContact" which normally contains a type: "string" value. This is one of many values I want to return to my PowerApp that triggers the flow. But in some cases, nothing was entered in the source system Technical Contact field, so it returns a null, which causes the entire flow to fail and my Power App throws an error. 

To make this work, I have to go to every key and add "null" as a type to the schema (e.g., type: ["string","null"]), which allows the flow to work without failing if a null is returned.

Power Automate Parse JSON step should be able to natively handle a null value without requiring the user to explicitly add it to the type declaration in the JSON schema for every single key, which is extremely tedious - especially for citizen developers.  

Status: New
Regular Visitor

It should be noted that if you edit your schema to include null in the types the object disappears from the Dynamic Selector list.