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Improve Performance in Flow Editor

I have what I think is a larger flow...openning it up to continue development has gone from mildly wow that's slow to OMFG this is slow!  I now get 5 or 6 "Page Unresponsive" popups before I can get close to editing it....please help!



Status: New
Advocate IV

Totally demoralising working with larger flows.


All I have to do is open the editor and the fan in my laptop goes into overdrive with high CPU and memory utilization. Worked from home too with a 100Mbit connection on another machine with an i7 processor. Same issues, so it's not the network or machine.


What I could normally do in an hour takes all day - at least.


New possibilities are great but what is the good of adding them if the product performs terribly?


How about making an offline editor available?