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Improve Run History interface

It's really difficult to troubleshoot using Run History.  I can't sort or filter columns, and I have to open the runs one at a time to see the ID of the SharePoint list item it ran against.  I tried downloading to CSV, but only get about 70 items.  If I want to click a range of runs, I have to click them one at a time.  It takes an inordinate amount of time to select and cancel runs.  Thanks for listening.  

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I agree, the interface is near impossible to do anything with for flows with a large amount of runs. The export is limited to 100 runs so that's useless, and the columns are not sortable or filterable. 

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To add to this idea, there is useful information in a CSV export of the run history. I am troubleshooting an issue where the HTTP referrer is needed to extract some information for a project. This is only available through the CSV export, which is limited to the last 100 runs.


The CSV export of a flow's run history must give the ability to include the full available history up to the 28 day retention policy. If this is not possible, then the UI on the website must reveal all of the information included in the CSV export. Any moderately used flow can quickly pass 100 successful runs, which will block access to some useful (and necessary) information in the run history after the most recent record #100.