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Improve expression editor in flow

I've recently been working on a Flow that required the creation of a number of fairly complex expressions.  It can get pretty frustrating trying to do this within the extremely limited confines of the expression editor (not to mention the intellisense helper that keeps jumping up and blocking the Dynamic content link).  I think the user experience would be improved if there was a way to open a larger window for the expression editor when you need the extra space for longer expressions (similar to the expression builder in SharePoint Designer).

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The current expressions editor textbox is way too small to actually see what you are doing. I am currently just doing the expression code editing in an external editor and then pasting the code into the tiny expressions box. It would help so much if we could expand the edit box or open in a larger edit window. 

I SO much agree with this topic.


1. working with the expression editor can get quite frustrating with a) the limited size of the edition screen and b) the intelisense that indeeds sometimes/often worsens the editing more then it helps it


2. when looking at existing formulas, would be nice to be able to 'alias' them (the mouseover is nice to see the formula, but putting an AKA could ease the review process also when you just want to review the whole flow)



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The entry box is way too small to be useful and I keep losing my expression if I try to insert dynamic content. I lose my expression all the time. 

And how about this as an idea: the expression tab always shows the current expression, even if it just a simple dynamic content reference....allow it to be editable & copyable. 

thank you!

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The editor should have at least the size as the power query editor to build complex expressions. The power query editor is also mor convenient to insert dynamic content. 


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It is hugely frustrating using this small one-line editor, particularly given the relatively verbose syntax for trigger parameters and even variables.  Please improve this!


I end up copying into an external text editor and pasting back, but this is far from ideal and lacks the syntax checking and parameter prompts.  If I get some parameter types wrong, it just says error!

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Apperantly this has been added to the Preview since May 2020. I don't know whats taking Microsoft so long to add this to GA but anyway you can activate this functionality in your settings and use it that way.