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Improve view for smaller windows

I often work with 2 or more browser windows side by side either becasue I'm multitasking or copying one section of a flow to another.

When using Flows in a half sized window the 'Add Dynamic Content' window gets pushed into the module itself rather than floating next to it. This actually looks great but the problem is when you click on a textbox inside a module the whole page jumps up as it makes room for the dynamic content section and you need to scroll up to find the textbox you clicked on. This gets even worse if you have a condition inside your flow as the result of the condition gets pushed to half size of the already half sized window.

This is extremely frustrating when adding mutiple modules and you need to scroll up to find the textbox after every click.


The placing of the dynamic content is great but when I click on a textbox the page should jump so the box always remains in view.


See the screenshot for an example


Status: New