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Improved Approval History for Default Request for Sign Off

  • We utilize the default Request for Sign Off which means there is no way to capture who requested the approval and who approved the file within the list - because it's the built in request for approval
  • This means that if a user is audited and wants to view historical approval data they need to use the Power Automate (Action Items/Approval history)
  • Users used to be presented with ALL of their sent or received approvals in ONE SCREEN. This would allow a person to search for a file and locate a particular file without having to click "show more"
    • Please bring this functionality back
  • Currently, if users want to see all approval activity, they need to keep clicking show more until they can't anymore
    • Unfortunately, for someone with hundreds of approvals, this can become very time consuming and cumbersome
  • Ultimately, being able to export all of this data would be most ideal.
Status: New