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Improvement - Allow child objects be used on other operations.

The CurrentItem child objects cannot be used on other objects. We heavily depend of this use of these child object in our automated processed. In the example below, even you can see the list of values for the CurrentItem, those object value cannot be used on other functions or combined with other objects. In this case I am concatenating the CurrentItem.Directory to get the full path and the CurrentItem.NameWithOutExtension to create a new file with different extension on the same directory. The result is and error because is trying to create the file on C:\.txt (see highlighted portions). So none of the children objects of CurrentItem can be used, they can only be seen or they can be written as text on a file.  We are using PA Desktop V. - Can this be fixed?CurrentItem - Variable Content - Power Automate Desktop.png


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Upon a closer revision, the CurrentItem child objects have the correct information. However, when you submit the CurrentITem object to a function, for example Split Text, the CurrentItem child objects are emptied. A turn around is to capture the child objects into other variables (making the process more convoluted).  Can this behavior be corrected?