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Improvement for the SharePoint "move file" action



We have an interesting situation where we would like to use Power Automate for help us move files from one Sharepoint document library to another (as we understand that it will allow links to the file to remain in tact).


Our thought originally was to:

1)capture the metadata of the file with the get details action

2)Move the file with either no metadata or a few cleared to move fields

3) Use the information gathered before the move in an "update file" action allowing us to rebuild the new list without the several lookup fields we had in the past.

The troubles we are running into with this method are:

1) Our old list has to many look up fields for the move action to work (ours problem to fix)

2) There does not appear to be a way to move a file without the receiving library being a copy of the source library

3) There is now ability to clean the content during the move process.


The Feature request:

Can we have the "move file" action with an option to move files with or without the metadata?


Status: New