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In Flow actions: SharePoint: Update Item. Allow access to field types like hyperlink and image

If Flow is going to be a replacment for SharePoint Designer, it needs access to all list field types:

Hyperlinks, Lookups, People fields etc..

One of my favorite workflow actions is to build a Hyperlink field or a image field.  ="[URL], [TEXT]"

and assign it to a URL field type.  

Can't do it in Flow.

Status: Started
Level 8
We’ve resorted to relying on a SP2010 workflow to fulfill this requirement. Think about that... 2010. Have the kids on the dev team even used SP before? There seems to be a genuine cluelessness about basic features. Oh, why do u need that, can u explain your business case? We can’t do that, but look, we have hooks to post stuff to twitter. Wtf?
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@merwan What is the status of the request since it has been started?

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I have use case like approval on uploaded artifacts includes three stage approval. such as it pass through either Approver A or Approver B. Once it is approved then goes to next stage to the Approver C. After Approver C Approve - goes to next stage approver D. Is it possible to implement such scenario using MS Flow?

Continuation on first use case - if such implementation possible and after few month I want to change stage 2 and stage 3 approval as Either apperver C or Approver D can approve the uploaded artifact. Is it possible then what happen to inflight flow entries? either it will stack or complete with old version of flow execution or if it reach at stage 2 then adopt new flow route?

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This used to work and now a recent update has broken this? Using a seperator comma used to work but now it just ignores the comma. If its truly a feature request and not a bug why not just reapply the previous functionality?

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When I come across things like this that I can't do in flow, which should be basic things that we already have, I get really pissed off. This is complete crap.