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In Flow actions: SharePoint: Update Item. Allow access to field types like hyperlink and image

If Flow is going to be a replacment for SharePoint Designer, it needs access to all list field types:

Hyperlinks, Lookups, People fields etc..

One of my favorite workflow actions is to build a Hyperlink field or a image field.  ="[URL], [TEXT]"

and assign it to a URL field type.  

Can't do it in Flow.

Status: Started
Level: Power Up

As others have asked, please allow for a user to pick out the display text from a URL item in a SharePoint list in MS Flow.  

Level: Powered On

Frustrating it doesnt allow the text description.




is a lot uglier than


Click Here


bump it up the to do list to fix this


Level: Powered On

Please consider the same for filters in the "Get Items" action.

Typical use case: parent-child lists (connected through a lookup column), where I want to update the parent with summary data from the children.

Level: Powered On

Flow also needs the ability to interact with multi-select lists in SharePoint - ideally write to them, read from them, and format them easily as bullet lists etc.

Level: Power Up

Agree - it would good to be able to set a hyperlink's display name as well as the link itself.