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In Flow actions: SharePoint: Update Item. Allow access to field types like hyperlink and image

If Flow is going to be a replacment for SharePoint Designer, it needs access to all list field types:

Hyperlinks, Lookups, People fields etc..

One of my favorite workflow actions is to build a Hyperlink field or a image field.  ="[URL], [TEXT]"

and assign it to a URL field type.  

Can't do it in Flow.

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Currently, Flow does not have the ability to write to hyperlink columns in SharePoint. Therefore, if for example a OneNote page is created from a new SharePoint list item, it is not possible to automatically add a link to the newly-created OneNote page in the SharePoint list. 

PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Planned
Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Started
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I believe my request would be a sub-request of the feature above. It would be great to have the properties of a hyperlink field exposed in Flow. In other words, I want to be able to set the url and display text in Flow for a particular list item hyperlink field. Currently you can set the value of a Sharepoint hyperlink field, but this value is assigned to both the url and display text.

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I agree, I've just tried to update a "Hyperlink" column in SharePoint using Flow but although I can set it, I cannot separately set the Display text.  It is possible to set the display text using SharePoint Designer  - see


Please add this capability to Flow.