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Include Checklist Within Planner Task When Created in Flow

We use Flow to create recurring tasks in Planner.  It would be helpful to be able to include a checklist within this task.

Status: New
Not applicable

Yes please!

Level: Powered On

This ability to create a task with checklist prepolulated is crucial, the actions are there and if integrated into a Flow a tremendous amount of tedious labor could be saved.

Level: Power Up

If Flow could create Planner Task checklists that would be HUGE, especially from a Forms response.


I'd love to have work requestors fill out a MS Form for work, including a checklist of items needed, then have Flow create a new task with the Forms checklist turned into the Task Checklist. 


Toss in a Teams post alerting there's a new request and -- BAM -- Forms+Planner+Teams would become a legit project management solution for me. 

Level: Powered On

+1 for this feature please.

Level 8

The options available are really too basic at the moment. Flow really needs to keep up with the new updates available.