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Include Checklist Within Planner Task When Created in Flow

We use Flow to create recurring tasks in Planner.  It would be helpful to be able to include a checklist within this task.

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Please implement this! It would be so helpful. Automating creating new tasks basically not helpful without this!

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So many votes! This needs to be implimented please.

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Can I upvote this ?

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Aww man! Glad this is already a popular request but I was hoping there was a solution. *Sad Trombone Noise*

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This idea exists for 2.5 years, it's very popular and there is no feedback from MS. I'm totally disgusted!

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This or a task template feature is sorely needed. We are trying to integrate our processes as much as possible with Microsoft applications but keep running into missing features that compleately handicap our invisioned workflow. 

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I'm new to the forum so perhaps I don't understand the categorization of ideas here.  This thread is over two years old, yet still shows as "New."  

Is there anyone here (preferably from Microsoft) who can explain the escalation/review process?

This seems to be fairly popular.

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14 pages of users requesting this... and nothing from MS... This feature is sorely needed. Would be nice if it was sooner than later.

Edit after some digging

The Planner forums/pages also have a similar request for them to be able to use a "template" - which may be why this hasn't been addressed? Is the Flow staff waiting on the Planner staff to fill a feature request and then use that as the answer to this?

what's worse is, it seems to be a simple container in:

const plannerTaskDetails

checklist: {
@odata.type: "microsoft.graph.plannerChecklistItem",
title: "Update task details",
ischecked: true

Which means that not only is this a highly requested feature, but it seems to be one they are quite capable of fulfilling within the standard flow/planner dev cycle. 

I'll even do the legwork for the dev team

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Good idea

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Can we please get this feature?