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Include Checklist Within Planner Task When Created in Flow

We use Flow to create recurring tasks in Planner.  It would be helpful to be able to include a checklist within this task.

Status: Completed

You can work with checklists in the Planner connector - read more here:

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It pains me to see that this item isn't even 'Under Review'  wish I knew some of the Dev team I could send some call-outs on Twitter... 

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please include this feature!!! It would be so helpful!!!

Helper III

Looking for this feature

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Yes please!

Advocate II

Please implement this feature

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A must-have for me

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This would be so helpful. I'm a newbie, and can't figure out a simple workaround. 

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My goal, like many here, is the form results to 'power automate' into a planner task with at least some sort of detail in the task.  I can get detail into the title of the task, but that's it.  I'm stubborn and determined.  I thought even after reading all these comments I would still be able to make it work.  I added a 'Get Task' and then a 'Update Task Details' after the 'Create Task' step.  While the addition of these 2 extra actions doesn't break the flow, they do not actually do anything either and the result is the same with or without them. Which is a bit weird considering the flow is performing the steps. 

So here's my comment to add to the already 10 page stack.  I am trying so hard to adopt more MS tools, but what good is a form flow into a task that is literally empty?  I suppose I could add all the responses from the form into the title of the task in Planner...but how stupid is that?

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Back in 2017, this thread started and the people still want it, please take a look and see if it can be done. I would also include being able to apply a label at the same time, it seems logical to me.


cheers and thank you

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Well everyone, it looks like it is actually being worked on.  According to this documentation this should hit public preview this month!