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Include Checklist Within Planner Task When Created in Flow

We use Flow to create recurring tasks in Planner.  It would be helpful to be able to include a checklist within this task.

Status: Completed

You can work with checklists in the Planner connector - read more here:

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That's exciting!

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Is creating the Checklist option in Power Automate for planner task done yet?

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No. It was to be done in September per the tech doc.

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Would be amazing to have this done - here's hoping it includes all the Graph API stuff.

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I'm hoping this gets included sometime soon, it would be really helpful.

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Surely this is live by now and I just missed the addition right?  Or are we all still waiting?

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@Polar_C to my knowledge it has not been implemented in any way that I have seen.

They have changed about 5 other things, two of which of made things more difficult for me at work, but have not touched this.

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You can set up checklist items on any task using the "Update Task Details" from flow.

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"You can set up checklist items on any task using the "Update Task Details" from flow."

Thank you! this worked!


For anyone else struggling with this - 

In your flow, just after the "Create a task" action, use the Id of the task in a "Update Task Details" action


update details.PNG

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Please upvote this too. It may help?

Vote here also for Planner Checklist option in Flow