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Include Checklist Within Planner Task When Created in Flow

We use Flow to create recurring tasks in Planner.  It would be helpful to be able to include a checklist within this task.

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I agree. We would like to use Forms to capture new employee information and then have Flow create an onboarding task in Planner that has a checklist. 


I suppose a task template for Planner, that includes a checklist we set up, would be ideal as well.


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I am facing the same Scenario, I need automatic Checklist every time a Task is created, did you figure out how to do it?

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At this point, I don't see any way to add an action for Planner that allows me to control the checklist field.  😞

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This would be awesome, setting up several tasks when only one or two would suffice from lack of checklists... not cool!

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This would be awesome. I've been searching for like 10 minutes to basically find this thread. Bumping this to the top-baby!