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Include Survey Invitation Details in Forms Get Response Details

Currently, when creating a unique survey invitation with the Forms Pro connector, there is no way to identify the response to that specific invitation. Response ID's are numbered in the order received, and the only personalized information returned in Get Response Details is the email address. Email addresses could receive multiple survey invitations, and I would like to be able to match the response with the specific event that triggered the invitation.


Forms Pro variables can be input when creating a survey invitation in Power Automate - ideally these variables would also become output in the response.

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Hi @KFlaherty - if you use variables in your Forms Pro survey, these are passed through as Context Data in the survey invitation. These same variables come back through in the response. The survey response is also linked automatically to the survey invitation. There is no need to try and link them back up in any way. When you use the survey invitation step either directly in Forms Pro, or within Power Automate, the Contact you send the survey invitation email to is set as the recipient, and could also be set as the regarding too. 

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I have been having the same issue. The send part is ok, the get response part (in flow) is the one i dont get. How can get the invitation id from the obtained response?


I have a flow that triggers automatically when a new response is submited, thus i want to find from wich invitation it comes, as a same user may answer many different surveys.