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Incorporate PR Newswire Connector Data, and Provide Templates

PR Newswire boasts the #1 global content distribution network.  I believe there is significant value in incorporating that content into the Microsoft Flow platform.  They have partners (e.g. Blogs)  where PR Newswire distribute their content, a dump (of content objects) on an HTML page. It doesn't look filtered, from an ADHOC perspective. 


For each piece of content they push to their network, comes with a set of attributes/metadata, which if incorporated into Microsoft Flow, could be leveraged as Connector with sample set of Templates.  Triggered events could be based on any filters for PR Newswire content metadata, such as Title, Content Type,  Location, Time, and content body.  Content, or Media type categorizes the content, such as News, or Press Release.  For example, a template event can be triggered based on filtered keyworks for any of the content metadata: "Press Release"; "Oracle", "Event / Meeting", "New York, NY".   With this trigger, there are a huge set of opions for followon actions. For example, social media broadcast [to targeted demographics]; OR copying the press release content to a doc and then storing it in the cloud (e.g. OneDrive), OR if the whole content is distributed as a single file (PDF), then it could be saved directly to Cloud storage; and/or add a push notification (to groups of interest).


Status: New