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Increase 30 days duration of flow or resolve long month approval

Hello, i am truggling with Business Process Management using sharepoint, microsoft flow, infopath. I have same problems with you, but my team found out the solution. We change approval in approval email action into approval on UI form ( infopath form with button approve and reject). With any approval time n, we design the flow ( when item created or modifiled) with multi condition switch case to check status of item, status should be Submitted, Approval Pending 1,2,  Approved/ Reject Time 1,2. As detail status as you can control in flow. So that, every flow trigger run, it's also run ( 3 - 8s) to end flow with one condition as success. To do that, you can resolve flow has to waiting approval for long month as flow is not success right now. So with a long approval 1- 12month, it is impossible


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