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Increase Maximum Run Duration

It would be very useful if there was an option to increase the maximum run duration from 30 days. There are several complex approval situations at my company that often take much longer than 30 days. The flows I could build would be useless if they time out halfway through the process.



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we are also required this option to extend the timeout limit from 30 days to couple of months as our sevral flow being timeout in aproval process.



Mateen Khan

New Member

Hello, i am truggling with Business Process Management using sharepoint, microsoft flow, infopath. I have same problems with you, but my team found out the solution. We change approval in approval email action into approval on UI form ( infopath form with button approve and reject). With any approval time n, we design the flow ( when item created or modifiled) with multi condition switch case to check status of item, status should be Submitted, Approval Pending 1,2,  Approved/ Reject Time 1,2. As detail status as you can control in flow. So that, every flow trigger run, it's also run ( 3 - 8s) to end flow with one condition as success. To do that, you can resolve flow has to waiting approval for long month as flow is not success right now. communityWorkflow.PNG

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We have 87 votes on this very idea, please bring your voters to the link below. Microsoft is bound to listen if we make this number grow to over 100.