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Increase approval timeout to more than 30 days

When sending an approval email through Flow, if no answer is received within 30 days, the Flow times out and fails.


In some cases, 30 days is not enough time to receive an approval.



Please increase Flow approval timeout to 60 or 90 days.



Status: Completed

You can now do this with the new Create Approval (v2) action. Read more here:

New Member

The last time I opened an ticket with MS regarding this limit the engineer stated the reason the 30 day limit is in place is because of GDRP.


Is there any truth to that?


If there is a workaround supported by MS that extends it past 30 days then the GDPR excuse does not hold water.  

I'm not sure what world MS lives in where 30 days is enough for an approval but in a real world scenario it is very common for flows to live a lot longer. At the minimum it should be 365 but should really be unlimited, but we all know if that is the case there will $$$ tied to that.


Very disappointing. 

Advocate II

There is a great YouTube video by Reza Dorrani called Power Automate long running Approval flows (beyond 30 days).  


This video is inspired by this work: New Flow State Machine pattern (with unlimited flow duration & easy to setup) : the “Flow Controller...


As Stephen mentioned, approvals can wait beyond 90 days. The problem is if you wait for the approval in the flow that creates the approval: flow duration = 30 days.


After working on this since 2017, I've created the Power Platform BPM Toolkit in order to fix it and to have state machines and much much more for free.


The BPM Toolkit is available from Github sergeluca/Power-Platform-BPM-Toolkit: Power Platform BPM Toolkit ( It is currently in preview, it will switch to "production" in March.


I've described it here jon levesque approval factory - YouTube and here Doctor Flow Power Platform BPM Toolkit - YouTube


The Power Platform Developer kit will be available this Friday. The setup guide is already available.




Doctor Flow aka "Serge Luca"

New Member

The 30 days timeout could be a show stopper to adopt this technology in real business. 

I started a brand new project for HR approval, and I'm a bit scared about this timeout. I feel like a sword hanging over me. Honestly, do I have to push the business users to close the approval within 30 days? I don't want to reengineer my flow for this limitation using a workaround found somewhere.


Please Microsoft listen our voice in order to use this great technology without any worries.




I did create a free framework/tool 100% written with the Power Platform to overcome this: sergeluca/Power-Platform-BPM-Toolkit: Power Platform BPM Toolkit ( 

New Member

It would be great help if the overall low time is increased to at least 3 months