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Increase approval timeout to more than 30 days

When sending an approval email through Flow, if no answer is received within 30 days, the Flow times out and fails.


In some cases, 30 days is not enough time to receive an approval.



Please increase Flow approval timeout to 60 or 90 days.



Status: Completed

You can now do this with the new Create Approval (v2) action. Read more here:

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Allowing longer Flows would be ideal for a P1/P2 scenario - we want it -and we can pay for it 🙂

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Flow is great BUT the 30 day to live limit does not really address real world business needs.If Microsoft are serious about getting people to use Flow as a business tool, then they need to get serious about the type of processes that businesses have.  Even a simple FOI request can take longer than 30 days to complete.

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fully agree; please, help us and bring voters
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I gave up on Flow approval becuase of this and have built my own approval tracking system.  A ton of work just to get around the 30 day window.