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Increase approval timeout to more than 30 days

When sending an approval email through Flow, if no answer is received within 30 days, the Flow times out and fails.


In some cases, 30 days is not enough time to receive an approval.



Please increase Flow approval timeout to 60 or 90 days.



Status: Completed

You can now do this with the new Create Approval (v2) action. Read more here:

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There may be a reason for 30d limits for MS flows, but it is better to have an option for us to set up an exception for fitting for business purpose.

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better still, allow a timeout period to be specified on each flow. By all means have an upper limit of, say, 365 days, and leave the default at 30 days if not specified.

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This limit is causing issues that makes us embarassed in front of our CFO/CEO when it fails...

In their opinion, we should thow away the full platform (Flow and O365).

So, if you want to make it real business use cases, you need to remove the 30 day restriction. 

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Hi everybody,


If that can help, I created a loop Flow mechanism I use in production to extend timeout to unlimited days.

I explained it in this OneNote document.  


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I am unable to open your one note.

can you post here?


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 Please post the content of your one note here

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@Mat and @genius, sorry for bad link, I modify my original post with the good shared link.

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I get round this by having a parent flow send a custom approval email, then a rest call to start a child flow.  The child flow has a condition: if approval status equals 'pwending', delay until approval status is not equal to pending.  A timeout is set on this as 720H (29 days).  I have a rest call that calls the child flow after timeout.

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We want to write flows that wait until a review date is reached and then fires a notification.


How can we do this if limited to 30 days?


Please extend

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end-of-flow.pngstart-of-2nd-flow.pngrun-after.pngSay you have a process which has 10 flows.  Only the first one is started when, for example, a new item is added to a SharePoint list.  At the end of the first flow, start the next flow with a rest call via HTTP.  At the start of the 2nd flow, the trigger is HTTP when a rest call is received.  IF your second flow is waiting until a date (or action), you put a timeout of 720H on it so it times out 29 days later if it has not met the date/action you were telling it to wait on.  You then add an HTTP rest call to start the 2nd flow and configure it to do so based on the flow iself timing out (run after).  The flow will just keep restarting every 29 days until the date/action is met.


The 3 above images are:


1. The HTTP call to start the 2nd flow.

2. The HTTP trigger to start the 2nd Flow.

3.  The run after (failed/skipped/time out).  This Flow adds a new SharePoint list item and then the team is sent an email.  There are 17 flows involved in this process and I want to be able to sleep at night so this just lets us know instantly something is wrong.  Just replace the email part with the HTTP from the first image.