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Increase the maximum buffer size from 100

 Http request failed as there is an error: 'Cannot write more bytes to the buffer than the configured maximum buffer size: 104857600.'.


Please increase the maximum buffer size from 100 MB to something more real world.


Thank you


Courtney Glanville

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Also looking for an increase of the message size, which is currently 100 MB, as listed at More questions regarding this issue can be found in the forums, e.g.

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currently we are using Flow to upload files from Sharepoint to FTP. We would highly welcome a higher buffer size of 200 MB or a convenient way to handle bigger files from Sharepoint and to be able to upload these to FTP with Flow.


Any ideas on how to upload a PDF ( < 160MB) to an FTP Server with Flow are appreciated.





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Yep agreed, especially annoying as there seems to be a disconnect between what a Form will allow (1Gb) and the Flow (104mb)