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Increase the number of rows you can retrieve with one of the Excel connectors (list rows, get rows)

Dear Microsoft,


Can you please increase the number of rows you can retrieve with one of the Excel connectors from SharePoint and Onedrive to a proper number?


It has been increased (for onedrive at least) to 2048 rows but it feels underwhelming and not logical as, for example, a for each can process 5000 lines.


My question is to at least increase the limit to 5000 as most Excel files contain many many lines on which you want to do certain operations.


Thanks in advance!


With kind regards,



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I am not sure why there is a limit at all here. I am currently working with spreadsheets of almost 100,000 rows. Even if you need to grab the data in chunks, it would be really helpful to be able to grab all of my data.

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It appears the legacy "Get Rows" connector had a limitation of 2048 but the "List rows present in a table" connector has a limitation of 255. Neither the advanced option "Top Count" nor the settings "Threshold" values make a change to this 255 limitation 

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Does not look like this request has garnered much attention since 2018, but for whatever its worth, I join in the call to increase the number of rows to make it (hopefully) unlimited.  We pull data from a worldwide online training log and create various Sharepoint lists from it.  As this is the first year for us, we are currently OK with a couple of thousand entries, but it is very likely that we will need substantially more as soon as 2021.  Increasing the row count would be a huge help.

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I found a post that might help a bit at least, from Suresh Koorella.


I'm not sure how much you can override it with, but I have set it to 5000, and it seems to work. However it is quite slow in loading, so 100000 rows might take quite a while. Maybe consider using flow to move file to a location ans let another mechanisme load the data perhaps?