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Increase the size of the Expression editor

[May 2020 EDIT: A larger expression editor is now available - as of a month or two ago - when using the Experimental switch in Power Automate, so presumably this will make its way to General Availability soon-ish.]


I apologize if this is already in here - I thought I heard it was, but I don't see it upon searching.


Is it possible to increase the size of the Expression Editor in the dialog window, so that when a formula is longer than the box (which is usually), it'll wrap for easier editing?

For example:

Expression editor.pngTo see the rest of the formula, you have to scroll, but it would often help to be able to see the whole formula at once.


Maybe something like what Excel and PowerApps has, where you can click a little arrow to expand the formula editor?



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The editor as a whole leaves a lot to be desired. Help!

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In this day and age surely we can expect a more user-friendly edit process than this! Come on Microsoft, you make some of the best software in the world, but this is atrocious.

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Big thumbs up on the expression box suggestion. That's gotta be one of the more prominent sore spots in the authoring UX.

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PLEASE bump this one up.  This is PAINFUL to edit.  I totally agree @jake  there are a ton of things annoying about the Flow environment (not being able to copy/paste actions, etc), but this is definitely at the top of that list.

I've resorted many times to just putting text expressions in the box (ie: 

Of course this means I can't have the advantage of the syntax validation, and help that the Expressions editor provides, though sometimes this is still preferrable.   

Making the Expressions editor multi line at a minimum should be done.  Would love to see some focus on usability.



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Should be able to make the editor multi-line and wider. This is a complete pain to use at the moment.

Also, browsers have a habit of auto-capitalising the first letter in a field, so make the editor more friendly with dealing with caSe InsEnSititY for build-in functions.

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Please implement this idea.

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You can enable the experimental features in Power Automate which will give you the long wanted improvement of the Expression Editor. I have written an article on how to enable it

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Thank you so much @Ruud! I didn't know there are experimental features for MS Flow and the old expression editor is just such a pain to use! I really wonder what is MS taking so long to add this to GA...