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Index Match to Sharepoint List

Users need an easy way to use the equivalent of Excel's Index Match Formula to retrieve data from a Sharepoint List. I understand that Get Items with ODATA is supposed to accomplish this, however, I am an intermediate user and I have already spent 6 hours trying to research and use this function and it still does not work. If users could select an action called Index Match From List, then choose Site and List. 3 other fields called

1. Column Value/String Lookup, 2. Item or String Match, 3. Matching StringColumn

Users could easily match intersecting field data to pull the data needed into their workflow.

For me for instance, I have a list of buyers with three columns BuyerEmail, MgrEmail, SiteMgrEmail and when using the start and wait for an approval workflow I could easily match the BuyerEmail (who triggered the workflow) to grab the Manger and Site Manager emails from the buyersEmail matching row data.

Using Index Match is a method I think users will easily understand. In the meantime, I will still try and figure out how I can make my flow grab the proper Managers for Notification.

Status: New