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Individually approve items in email with HTML Table



We have a scenario where we want to extract a list of records from Dynamics 365, present the list in a table (HTML table), email the list to a delegated officer, and for that officer to be able to individually 'Approve', 'Reject' or 'Question' items in the table; a set of button next to each item.


In our scenario, the data in the html table would all be of the same type (from the same dynamics 365 entity) with the 'Approve', 'Reject' or 'Question' statuses being consistant across all rows (e.g. there would be one condition for Approve, one condition for Reject and one condition for Question) which would apply over all items.


The number of items in the list would be dynamic as they are with the current HTML table action.


If this functionality were to exist, it would remove the need for there to be multiple approval emails required for approving dynamics records.


I'm happy to elaborate further to help the case. 

Status: New