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Initiate based on a OneDrive for Business file/photo being "shared with me"

The business scenario is this;

  1. Staff are in the field, taking photos with their phones of physical assets (damaged infrastructure, potholes, power lines down, vandalism, road accident, broken lock, etc. etc.). Or - they create a new Word/Excel/text file on thier mobile device with an in-field report.
  2. They then upload the photos or files to a [shared] folder in their own OneDrive for Business.
  3. This [shared] folder is shared with a manager/co-ordinator/supervisor.
  4. This manager/co-ordinator/supervisor needs to be notified when an upload occurs / new file is created.

So, I need a flow step that will initiate actions based on new items appearing in someone else's "Shared with me" area.


This is to allow the manager/co-ordinator/supervisor to 'monitor' a OneDrive location that is not their own (but is shared with them).


Current OneDrive connectors only look in the current user's context, and not what they have access to/what is shared with them.

Uploading to SharePoint sites may achieve the same result, but is additional burden for field users (who are often not as technically competent).

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I was thinking about it the wrong way. Instead of the manager/co-ordinator/supervisor having a flow that monitors their "Shared with Me" folder and then notify them - I needed to consider this a different way;

The creator of the file (remote field worker) needs to create a Flow that monitors their own [shared] folder and then emails/notifies their manager/co-ordinator/supervisor and optionally uploads to a SharePoint site too.

More end-user Flows, but it works.