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Input a photo to Mobile Button

I want to input a photo by phone camera to Mobile Button of Microsoft Flow.


My scenario:

1. Post a issue with a photo by support staff.

  Support staff post a issue with a issue photo, add input's some texts/items, current location, with photo to SharePoint List.

2. Add a task status with a photo by sales staff.

  Sales staff add a task status with a task photo, add it's SharePoint List, notify the manager.


Mobile Button of Microsoft Flow is great featrue to improve staff working.

and Phone have nice camera.


I want to input with Photo by phone camera.



Yoshihiro Kawabata




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If you want to send from PowerApp's Camera control (which is a dataUri) through Flow.


If you want to send from PowerApp's Media control (which is a binary blob) through Flow 

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Hi @Anonymous


Yes, PowerApps can send Photo to Microsoft Flow with Camera, Media control.

I will try these.


and I hope that Microsoft Flow mobile button do it within seconds building buttons by staff/worker.



Yoshihiro Kawabata






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@yoshihirok @Anonymous Please note that if you use Powerapps as a workaround to implement this feature, the main limitation I see is that in the context of Powerapps you cannot get the Flow result as explained here


Flow Buttons is a much faster-to-use concept than Powerapps itself; I guess this is the reason why there is a bunch of Buttons-related ideas requested like:



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Hi @efialtes,


Yes, Flow Button is very much faster-to-use concept than PowrApps, and other developments.

Office workers can build Flow Buttons, instead ordering developers, learning development.


So, I hope to add some ideas to Flow Buttons, like input a Photo, input text by voice.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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I looks like your idea has been finally implemented.

Image uploading now available via Buttons



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Awesome, @efialttes and all.


I will try this new features, more powerful button.

Smiley LOL



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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I saw this and was very excited.

Now I want more integration with Microsoft Launcher on my phone.


When I click a file in my Microsoft Launcher, I want to "share" to "Flow" and it'll filter to one of the buttons that can accept a File.



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Not sure if what you are requesting is proposed already


Flow Buttons have a lot of potential, indeed!