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Insert parameters from previous steps

When inserting dynamic parameters from previous steps there can often be several different sources with a very large number of fields in each one. It would help a lot if you could collapse and expand the dynamic parameter source to make it easier to get the one that you want.


And then, if you need to change a parameter source, like for example if you need to delete an action that provides a parameter source, or even just rename one, it would be nice to be able to somehow see what source was used for the dynamic parameters that have been used in the various actions.


Because of a bug, I have to delete and recreate all of my SP list item update actions, and it won't let me do that if any of the fields from an update were used in later actions. And I can't see that! So I have to take guesses, deleting and replacing the dynamic parameters that follow an update until eventually it allows me to delete and replace the update.

Status: New