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Insert pdf printout into OneNote

I'm trying to make a flow for school. We do a bunch of case reviews and it's a pain to contantly download the pdf, then insert it into a new page of my OneNote notebook. There already is the functionality to create the page when i download the file, however, I'd like to take it a step further and insert the document automatically into OneNote. 

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Another user on here referenced a graph instuction on inserting a pdf into a onenote page.

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I figured it out. 


Set up an email account with the email to onenote account and use a outlook email flow sent to


This will create a new page in a section with the attachment added to the page. Check out the '@section' in the subject to route into specific sections.


Love OneNote - Come on MS, help us by developing the best product offering you have.  Dont make us figure these things out for you.



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I need OneNote to automatically insert PDF printouts of new/added/even modified PDFs in a given OneDrive folder please.

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@LoosrThanks for the advice - I copied it with success. However, I would like to automatically have the pdf-printout (not just the icon with the file-attachment) on my Onenote-page.

Did you figure that out as well?