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Instagram Comment and Like Triggers

I'm trying to capture all comments and likes for my Instagram feed on a regular basis. I have attempted to use a recurrance for the trigger but I end up pulling all the pre-existing comments/likes every time and duplicating data. Any attempt to remove the pre-existing data or filter the new pull to just new comments/likes results in an Array. 


Having triggers of "new like" and "new comment" would provide a like/comment ID one at a time to add a new row the streaming data set within power BI. 

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New Member

 I have the same needs from our marketing/sales department to help generate call lists. Ever figure this out?

New Member

If you create the flow on each new item rather than your whole instagram feed, you may have better luck.. Every time you post kick off the the flow, and pause for a few days, then gather the results. and save them where you need to.

New Member

Thanks, KarlU. I'll give that a try.

New Member

Can somebody help me bulding a flow with this? want to collect all of comments and likes my followers do on my posts.