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Integrate Flow buttons in SharePoint

I would love to see buttons in SharePoint. For instance when you want to click a button, select the title of the Flow from the Flow dropdown menu like the image below:pic3.png




When the flow is selected let a sidebar fly in from the right where you can fill in the inputs (if you have any) and start the flow when you're done filling in the inputs or clicked an "ok"-button.

Status: Completed
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Thanks Daniel. This is in progress and slated to come in shortly. Stay tuned! 

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Status changed to: Started

Awesome @merwan! That was a really quick reply btw... 😉 

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Thanks Daniel. Can you show us how did this ? I need this action 🙂

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Microsoft teams - as per SP Designer workflows, can you please add:

1.  A Flow status column to the SharePoint list?

2. Ability to cancel/terminate/restart a Flow on an item.

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+1 for the button,


also, can we get the ability to select multiple items/files in SHP list/library and start the same flow for multiple items at the same time? That would help usability zillion times 🙂 (no more clickfest for 5+ items)

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Hi There,

I did it many times ago. Thanks for comments and help. See you later a new flows. 🤞🏻
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I'd extend the specification with the need to know User Name / user email or something identifying who is actually executing the flow.

This is a likely situation that there is a company wide shared list od rocument library on which the 'company developer' wants to 'deploy' a function tht can be executed by the users on the list - and most of these actions need to now the user for example to send him an email about  the success of the operation...


Bessides to make these 'deployed' functions more accessoble it would be nice if they could be configured to appear next to the flow button, maybe even with a custom icon...

I dont know if the abves are already planned or need to be proposed as separate ideas.

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Maybe the application of the Flow buttons could be 'generic'? For example in a scenario where one can make an Outlook Add-in that holds one or several Flow buttons: for example that when pressing the Flow button a flow starts that saves the selected e-mail (and attachments) to a SharePoint document library (possibly with the option of passing additional comments or tags as well).
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@Anonymous - We will be adding a status column for out-of-box flows and we're evaluating a general purpose Flow Status column for other flows. As the creator of a flow, you already have the ability to cancel, terminate, and restart a specific flow run. 


@avt - Fair feedback. We'll definitely consider it. 


@katonage - Just like Flow buttons, the SharePoint - For a selected item (which will result in the side bar that Daniel references at the top of this thread) will also surface information about who invoked the flow. 


@Paal - Absolutely agree. Our intention is to have a generic button (today's Flow buttons) and more specific SharePoint buttons (For a selected item) which will additionally pass along context like the ID of the selected file or list item.