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Integrate Flow with QuickBooks Online

Create Flow Integration with QuickBooks Online so data entry tasks can be automated.

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This would be very helpful

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Flow with quickbooks please 

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This would be amazing. I'm looking at getting a custom app written because this doesn't exist.

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I would also love to see a Quickbooks connector for Office 365. Please let me know if I can test these features out if one becomes available.

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If you want to compete with Zapier then add Quickbooks Online.

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I'm once again disappointed in a Mocrosoft App.  Like Bookings, Flow is missing key features found in other software companies, much smaller software companies.  With how popular Quickbooks Online is why wouldn't Microsoft have already had the connector ready.  I agree with hittjw, Microsoft is way behind the curve when compaired to Zapier.

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Yes. I am using Zapier right now because Flow does not work with QBO. Once flow has QBO integration I can move everything into flow. Please add! -MVR

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Hey @Jeb 


Great news is the integrations is now possible, check out Commercient's recently released app that can Integrate Flow with QuickBooks Online


Thank you!

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You can also create your own Custom Connector to QBO. It is not as simple to use as some commercial options but the cost is only time and creativity. The following blod shows how to create this connector:

I am new at flow but with some patience I was able to make it work.

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A quickbooks connector would be a game changer! Willing to take a stab at building a connector on my end but would be great if it was already available.