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Integrate with Amazon Echo

I love the IFTTT functionality on the echo, but its integration with microsoft services is sketchy. I'd love to be able to use Echo as an endpoint. Connect it to email, onenote, etc.

Status: New
New Member

What I'm thinking is, when you do/say something to Alexa,  Alexa will do/say the commands that you put in Flow.


when (amazon username) says (string)

when (amazon username) says something

when (amazon username) presses (action) on (echo)

while (echo) is (talking, playing music, idle etc.)



volume up ( )

volume set ( )

volume down ( )



say ( )

imagine ( ) being said

ring colour (r,g,b)


Dynamic Objects:

state (echo)                                      Returns the state of Alexa on that device, idle, offline etc.

alexa heard (echo)                           Returns the last thing she heard on that device.

action (echo)                                    Returns the last button pressed on that device.

alexa said (echo)                              Returns the last thing Alexa said on that device.