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Integrate with MS Booking

New app for O365 customers called Booking.

Status: New
New Member

It would be great to have a trigger for Bookings to create tasks in Asana or Planner.

New Member

I find the meeting invite that Bookings sends to customers pretty limited. Being able to automatically create meetings based on paramaters entered by customers would be game changing and a huge workflow automater, and differentiate over apps like 10to8 and calendly, which currently is a bit better. 

New Member

That would be great to include the customer in our Flow business process !


Advocate I

Triggering the creation or updating of information from bookings in D365 CRM records would be great.

New Member

It would be great to be able to integrate MS Bookings with Azure Dev Ops and MS Tasks so that new bookings create events in people task or planner or Azure Dev Ops boards. This will allow bookings on services that need preparation or be recored in work systems to be done easily.

New Member

It would be great if there was a booking trigger and actions. 

At this moment we have a project and every time someone needs to be added it's a manual task.

It would be great that if i update a list in SharePoint for example the person is added to the bookings Staff.

And at the same time populate his or her time as available.