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Integrate with MS Booking

New app for O365 customers called Booking.

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As an update to my last post, we have now got automation of bookings to work successfully by creating a custom connector as shown here  and using the Graph-API calls to pull data from bookings.


I can now add this into my flow and pull back data from bookings with no issues so far


The API call for this was as follows and this only needs to be setup once and the connector can then be used by anyone you share it with:

GET /bookingBusinesses/{id}/calendarView?start={start-value}&end={end-value}

Nice @Dan___ ! I like this approach with the Graph-API.


I've just finished writing up a post on this with Power Automate and using the Get events action from Microsoft Office 365. 

Action to get the bookingsAction to get the bookings

So ultimately we can create something like this with a nice daily email. 

Format of daily emailFormat of daily email

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@meganvwalker awesome looking report.

Are you pulling this data by looking at the shared calendar that the bookings get put into?

@Dan___ - yes, that's correct. 

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How could we create an outlook contact from the customer data we collect in ms bookings? name, email, address etc. 


Or sync other selected bookings data with a crm tool?


Edit: Is it possible with these flow templates  






Thank you, best wishes!

@SmartPower - the first link you shared goes to a 404 so not sure what that is?


I've started writing some content about Microsoft Bookings using Power Automate, you can see the posts here: 


The most recent one shows how you can access the bookings and how you could extract the Contact's Name, Email and Phone number. I have a blog out this week that will show how you could then create a Contact in Dynamics 365 if you wanted to. 


In theory once you get the data from the event booking, you could then use this to create a contact:

@Dan___ - this is the post where I wrote about accessing the bookings using the Outlook connector in Power Automate, and then creating a daily email of all of the Bookings for that day (in case you were interested in how I did it without Graph-API!):

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@SmartPower: The first link 404s and the 2nd looks like a flow to send an email when a sharepoint list is changed.

Bookings doesn't store info in SharePoint (as far as I am aware) so you will need to access bookings via the API what @meganvwalker shows here & in her blog should work great for your requirements.


If not you can create a custom PowerAutomate connector and pull virtually any data you want from bookings. This blog will show you the basics of this and you can find the Bookings API docs here.

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@meganvwalkeryou beat me to it by a few seconds 😀


Also thanks for the docs link, I will take a look

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@meganvwalker @Dan___ Thanks for your input!


Just starting with power automate and was looking for a simple way to sync bookings customer with ms365 contact list.


Sorry, the right link is here - a flow template to copy contacts from a sharepoint list to a 365 contact list: