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Integrate with MS Booking

New app for O365 customers called Booking.

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Yes, between bookings and the upcoming O365 Invoicing service, there are a number of opportunities for powerful flows that can cover a large chunk of small business use cases. Would really like for this to be added.
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This would be incredibly useful as there is currently no reporting ability. Adding a connector would allow to do things like, send a weekly report to the boss about activity, etc.

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A Flow connector exists for a competitive service to Bookings called "10to8"... would rather use a Microsoft product!

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We'd like to have customer data that is submitted to Bookings be added/updated in Dynamics CRM.

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Agreed. As an allied health practitioner, I would love to automate the process of data collection from my patients so that, for example, when a new patient is booked a health questionnaire can be emailed immediately.

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Would love to receive a text message through twilio when a client books or cancels a appointment.

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 Microsoft Booking Team:




The booking App is very use ful and we have many requirments to extract the booking data and use it in our business in multiple ways.


would you kindly update us regarding the availbility of the connector which is referenced in your Tech documnets for powerapps.

Thank you.

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We need to create entries in SharePoint lists when a reservation is created, since our recruitment process is controlled in a SharePoint site.

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This would be extremely helpful for both reporting purposes and for things like automatically blocking off days on a certain schedule.

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A real value add if Bookings connector for Flow could enable me to track clients who have changed or altered a scheduled booking in the same spreadsheet where we capture client data during consultatuions (Forms).