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Integrate with MS Booking

New app for O365 customers called Booking.

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Yes, between bookings and the upcoming O365 Invoicing service, there are a number of opportunities for powerful flows that can cover a large chunk of small business use cases. Would really like for this to be added.
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This would be incredibly useful as there is currently no reporting ability. Adding a connector would allow to do things like, send a weekly report to the boss about activity, etc.

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A Flow connector exists for a competitive service to Bookings called "10to8"... would rather use a Microsoft product!

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We'd like to have customer data that is submitted to Bookings be added/updated in Dynamics CRM.

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Agreed. As an allied health practitioner, I would love to automate the process of data collection from my patients so that, for example, when a new patient is booked a health questionnaire can be emailed immediately.