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Integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Please support integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Status: Completed

The Microsoft Teams connector is now available - the connector and its associated templates are visible here: 

Power Automate

Thank you for the feedback! Integrating with Microsoft Teams is certainly on our backlog and we hope to have an integration sometime soon in the future. 

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No ETA? 

Advocate I

I love the idea of integration with Microsoft Teams.

Memorable Member

Nice idea for integrate with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Flow.


Now, I send a message from Microsoft Flow's HTTP to Microsoft Teams' thread by Office 365 Connector,


My flow:

1. Trigger: button

2. Action: HTTP

  Method: POST

  URL: office 365 connector's url

  Header: { "text": "'accept'='application/json'" }

  Body: { "text": "Hello from Flow to Teams" }



Yoshihiro Kawabata

Advocate I

Thanks, nice flow.

New Member

+1 on Teams integration.

New Member

+1 Flow and Teams need to work together.  I'm sure this comes up a lot.


I'd also like to see flows kickoff flows and I'd like to see enterprise grade flows that persist outside of a user context.  Something that can live even if our workflow devs leave the company.

Power Automate

Joel - we will be adding functionality in the near future that will enable admins to take over flows and ensure that even if a dev leaves the company, the flow continues to run. 

New Member

I believe this would be a key feature that would enable many to drop Slack and pick up Teams as their full on communication app.

Memorable Member

I hope to convert a string Microsoft Teams - markup string actions.


1. Escpape charactor.

  Some charactor mean markup in Microsoft Teams - markup string

  Sample: ** in "**Hello**" mean Bold, I need to add escaple charactors for converting simple text.

2. Merge from strings array to a string.

  To markup some word in string,

  I split from a string to string array with a space charactor,

  and add a string to the string in string array,

  and merge from the string array to a string,

  and post the string to Microsoft Teams.



Yoshihiro Kawabata