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Integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Please support integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Status: Completed

The Microsoft Teams connector is now available - the connector and its associated templates are visible here: 

Regular Visitor

Hi, Is it possible to do a directed message as the message text in a teams Flow? @team Just shows up as a string instead of a directed message in the channel.

Power Automate

Hi Will_D, it's not possible to do a directed message at the moment, but we'll investigate how we can enable this in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

Regular Visitor

Thanks Merwan. Is there anyway I could track progress as to this feature? I.e. Is it already posted here and voted/tracked? I couldn't find it.

Advocate II

+1 on being able to post directed messages from Flow to Teams!

New Member

This is not working 404 code

Power Automate

@wizmaster - Could you please send us a screenshot of the experience that you're seeing? Feel free to email us directly at 

Regular Visitor

I think what @wizmaster experience is the same as I do when I click on the link in the top of this conversation - it looks like some bad characters has sneaked into the url '%C2%A0' and if I remove them below link works for me


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