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Integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Please support integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Status: Completed

The Microsoft Teams connector is now available - the connector and its associated templates are visible here: 

Power Automate

Got it - the message supports HTML formatting. We will work on improving the docs.


Example below:



Power Automate
You can include HTML formatting with your messages - in addition to the plain text your provide.
New Member
I was able to setup a message to post each time a VSTS build is executed with the results of that build. Thank you!
Memorable Member

WoW, Thank you @clamanna@Stephen for supporting HTML input for Microsoft Teams.


I can do more Microsoft Flow with Microsoft Teams.


I hope the documents what HTML tags can use in messages of Microsoft Teams.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

Regular Visitor

Thank you @clamanna, @Stephen for supporting HTML input for Microsoft Teams and I assume this will be added to your documentation in near future..

Power Automate

No problem, and thank you for pointing out the documentation gap. We'll work on getting that fixed asap.

Regular Visitor

Hi Im trying to create a Flow from Yammer to Teams but its not working, and there is no template

Flow v1.0.PNGFlow v2.0.PNGFlow v3.0.PNG


When I try to create a post from yammer to teams through flow, but is not working and there is no template


could you help me?


Thanks very much


Power Automate

This scenario should work - so we would want to understand what is going wrong.


Is the Flow ever triggering or running when new items are added to Yammer? Or is it running but failing to post to Teams?


More specifically - what do you see in the run history for your Flow? e.g.



Regular Visitor

Here Im attaching the examples of the flows

Flow 1

Flow 1.PNG


Flow 2

Flow 2.PNG


Flow 3

Flow 3.PNG



Power Automate

Thanks - in the case of Flow #2, could you please switch from the HTTP action to the built-in Microsoft Teams action? It looks like you are getting back a 302 redirect which Flow is not following (however, we can avoid the issue entirely by using the Microsoft Teams connector which handles all these cases automatically).


If this still does not work / you are facing issues - could you please send me the additional details at I can loop in more folks to help debug it more deeply.