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Integrate with RSS feeds that require basic authentication

I tried to use the standard URL format of "https://username:password@site/rss/feed" but the flow took an error indicating "Invalid RSS feed URL provided".  It seemed to accept the URL correctly if I used a basic username (though I never verified connectivity), but my username is an e-mail address and Flow returned this error regardless whether the @ in the username was encoded or not.

Status: New
New Member

Darn you emoji... the url I put in was "https://username : password@site/rss/feed" (without the spaces)

Advocate II

Surely this is just a basic feature for accessing RSS and MUST be included. Nothing in the roadmap and low upvote for this one. What busiensses don't subscribe to RSS feeds? Free feeds give you your moneys worth (pay nought get nought) but paid ones are the only thigns with information of any note or worth.

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Hit this blocker when trying to pull from an authenticated feed from Confluence Cloud which uses basic authentication (email address + API token).