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Interaction with Office 365 Groups

It would be great to be able to automate some tasks within O365 Groups. I would like to create a button flow that would create a new group and automatically copy some template documents into the SharePoint document list. Not sure if these would be Outlook or SharePoint or a whole new "Groups" category.

Some possible triggers:

  • When a new group is created
  • When a new message is sent to the conversation
  • When a member joins/leaves the group
  • When files are created/modified in the group 
  • When calendar events are created/modified in the group calendar

Possible Actions:

  • Create a new Group
  • Add/remove members from the group
  • Create events in the group calendar
  • Copy files to/from the group documents
Status: Completed

You can now connect to Office 365 groups, you can read more about it here:

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Flow currently work with User Calendar but not work with Office 365 Group Calendar. With Office 365 Group being a great new feature, would be a useful feature to consider to incorporate Office 365 Group in Flow in future release.

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This would be an awesome feature for me. It would allow me to keep O365 lists in sync with other lists and pages around the site.

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I would also like to see this functionality. We are evaluating flow right now and our first real attempt at a flow was to create an Office 365 Group calendar event.

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Hello, thank you for this great application.

is it possible to use the flow to create / delete office 365 groups


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I recently discovered O365 Groups and love them.  A nice Flow would be the ability to atomatically notify IT to provide permisions to a network folder, or to install a specific application when a new user is added to a Group. 


i.e.  I manage our CAD Software, I have a User Group created where I share blog posts, videos and schedule training. It would me awesome if everytime I add a User:

An Email goes out to to request access to Z:/CAD Users.  And to create a Ticket to install Solidworks on their machine

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I have been able to configure Microsoft Flow to copy an attachment sent to my O365 Outlook email address into a OneDrive for Business Folder successfully. However, I would like to have the Flow operate on the O365 Outlook group email. I haven't been able to find a connector that allows me to browse the files sent to the O365 Outlook group email folders. I have googled and searched the Flow templates and Actions.


Thank you.



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I agree, posting so I can see updates.

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As an admin, when a new user is created and license assigned, other actions should be able to happen automatically.

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Definitely expecting this feature firmly.
Would be really useful to send notifications/reminders to another calendar or app like Slack.

We'd only need a way to access the group/shared calendar ID apparently...

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Agree, would like to be able to start a flow when a new conversation is started or when there is a response to a conversation.