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Interaction with Office 365 Groups

It would be great to be able to automate some tasks within O365 Groups. I would like to create a button flow that would create a new group and automatically copy some template documents into the SharePoint document list. Not sure if these would be Outlook or SharePoint or a whole new "Groups" category.

Some possible triggers:

  • When a new group is created
  • When a new message is sent to the conversation
  • When a member joins/leaves the group
  • When files are created/modified in the group 
  • When calendar events are created/modified in the group calendar

Possible Actions:

  • Create a new Group
  • Add/remove members from the group
  • Create events in the group calendar
  • Copy files to/from the group documents
Status: Completed

You can now connect to Office 365 groups, you can read more about it here:

Regular Visitor

@Stephen- This should not be marked completed, as only partial of the needed triggers and actions are implimented.  There are several missing around Events specifically, such as managinging exisiting events or triggers when an event is created/modified/removed.

Power Automate

Thanks for the feedback Kevin, I would recommend voting on or creating another idea for those specific gaps. Thank you!