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Interactively Build Microsoft WORKFlows visually in Visio (Two-Way Interchange)

Would be great to be able to build complex workflows visually in Visio (interactively with variables and logic) and have that visually display simple to complex workflows and build Microsoft Flows automatically.  Two-Way updates between Visio and Flow would be very helpful.  This would be something that a power user could use and explain to others - instead of enterprise solutions like NinTex that require IT involvement. 

Status: Planned

We announced we are working on this feature at this year's SharePoint conference.

Advocate V
Not applicable

The new Visio integration preview is VERY promising. Please keep it consistent with BPMN (2.0+) format!

Advocate III

So if I want to use the Visio tooling to build my flows, and I have Flows built prior to this, how do I get them into Visio so I can just use Visio and not both tools for building/maintaining my flows?