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Invoke functions from Action Blocks

Hi all

Microsoft Flow currently offers the possibility to invoke functions from Conditions blocks by clicking Advanced mode. This way we can access lots of useful staff defined in  Workflow Definition Language

Could it be possible to extend this option to Action blocks also?

This way we will be able to manipulate strings, add current date, etc.


Status: Completed

You can now include expressions in any action. Read more here:

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Hi Matt,

I use Chrome and I have no trouble editting the flow after initilally having used a function that has " @" preceding the function.



Power Automate
Status changed to: Started
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Thank you @Stephen for started this idea status.


Workflow Definition Language, I always use, I want to use more


Yoshihiro Kawabata

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Awesome news!



However, I don't see the "Expression" Tab yet in my Flows, is it still rolling out?

Will "Expression" Tab be available in "old" Flows -i.e. built before this feature rollout is completed-?

Will "Expression" Tab be available also in Variables, as discussed in the following link?


Sorry for this bunch of questions, this is one of the big things I missed on Flow, even though the Compose Action Block workaround has been available for a while!

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Status changed to: Completed

You can now include expressions in any action. Read more here:

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Nice "Completed" status.


I will use expressions in actions instead "Compose" action for expression.



Yoshihiro Kawabata