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Is Power Automate Community Monitored or Dead?

It seems that the ideas community has gone dark. I recommend that MS invest some time to go through all of these ideas update status' and timelines.  If you want people to take this community seriously, then please allocate some time to communicate to your audience of power users who often have the best ideas on how to make the platform better.  Here's a quick screen grab that shows the ratio of new ideas versus other status'.  To be 100% candid, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication and updates from MS regarding needed features and frankly am de-motivated to recommend further ideas since I have not ever received a response on the multiple Ideas I've proposed (some of them dating back to early 2019).  Thank you.



Status: Escalated

Hi @dbro @Ecsktein @WorkingForFood 


dbro - Thank you for adding this comment and for your follow-ups - Ecsktein and WorkingforFood.


Managing Ideas for Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents has transferred to my team recently and I have found that there are some obvious steps and attention missing here. I am working on what I call "clean up crew on aisle 5" which happens when people move on from the team and should be an ongoing process. You will see movement and action taken in this space.  This is the start of that.


Items on my list to wrangle: 

Sharing the process for how our community and product teams work on Ideas posted in this space.

An SLA on responses


I'll comment here on the above items and I will be sharing a News and Announcements post regarding our new processes as well. 


Feel free to tag me any time or message me directly @heddanewman and I'm always happy to have a one on one chat about anything regarding community, the platform, and our programs.


Thank you 

Heather Newman

Principal PM Manager & Lead DTP Community Success Team - Dynamics 365 and Power Platform


@Fjalar - Hi, yeah I see what you are saying. 


If the PAD or Power Automate Desktop is added in as a label choice then they might not get so lost... gonna check on the backend. I will let you know what I find out. 🙂 Thanks for the idea.  We are looking through and talking updated process right now. I'll mention it to the product team.  







Regular Visitor

Thank you for stepping in, @Heddanewman .
It looks like your team is growing, which is great news for all users of the Power Platform. I also hope your team now has a new User Experience expert. There is a ton of work on that front 😉. Designing of Power Automate flows on regular basis can be very time consuming and frustrating experience. I expressed some of my ideas to be helpful. 

It is a pity to see only minor changes in the completed and reviewed stats in the last 3 months, though. It looks like your team would never be able to catch up with the growing number of requests with such velocity. Perhaps, you are working on a major overhaul to be able to close a large number of requests at once...




Hi @devfactoru - thanks for the comment. And including @dbro @Fjalar @Ecsktein  @WorkingForFood as well. Hello! Yes my team is growing in fact we have a new Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents Community Program Manager officially starting on September 1st. Very happy about that. Since I last posted the team and I have been working through a review of our community platform information architecture and putting together a renewed plan for how to both triage the existing Ideas areas here and across all the Power Platform Community sites. So yes a more major overhaul with clear SLAs, numbers of votes for consideration, better defined terms for each category and more product team members in the community. We started this with Power BI and we worked closely with Will Thompson on the product team for that and we are replicating that motion for Power Automate (including the “I found a bug”board) which also was started and not kept up appropriately. I am working with Stephen Siciliano on this. For Ideas to work correctly it is a partnership between our team (especially the CPM of a product community, the product team and ensuring the platform itself is keeping up with your feedback on it as well. So to that end we are collaborating with the product on a renewed plan and I should be able to share a timeline and roadmap by the middle to end of next week so you can understand what is happening. And below is the Power BI Ideas blog post, that just came out to give you a flavor of what is happening behind the scenes. We will have one similar coming out for Power Automate. Thank you for the nudge and feedback on the community platform. I appreciate it and are working as fast as we can on the clean up, plan first, tackle second and we are about to kick off the tackle. Thanks again!. Power BI Ideas blog

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Wow! Thank you for the quick and detailed response @Heddanewman!


You bet. I meant to post about this last week but it got away from me. So perfect timing. Cheers! 

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I just stumbled upon this forum after creating a basic automation in PAD.

The timing can't be better I guess. Looking forward to contribute!


Good luck @Heddanewman and team! 

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Thanks @Heddanewman !


And while you are here, is there or will there be a forum where the Community can see what is visioned for Power Automate? Or perhaps ask broader questions about the road ahead?


I ask because I am curious what the vision is for Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop as a duo. 


The reason for my curiosity is that usually when I give an introduction and overview of these two tools I always have to spend extra time on explaining the similarities, the difference and sort out confusion regarding what can be done and with which tool. It would greatly help to know more about where these two tools are headed, will they merge more or divide more... 

IMO these are two tools as they are now, with different UIs, live in different places, work well to complement each other but can also do many similar things separately, like the Saucer section and the Stardrive section of Enterprise in Star Trek.

Thanks a lot,


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Since original post (26th April, 9,110 new ideas, 140 completed) we have made added 467 new ideas and completed 3 (as of 2nd September).  Under review / planned / started / etc, no real change.


According to the Road Map there is nothing in development or rolling out for Power Automate.


Does Power Automate actually have a future @Heddanewman ?


@GuyBoswell @Fjalar @devfactoru 


Great timing on your message. And of course, Power Automate has a future. 🙂 You will be happy to know that yesterday we announced that after many months we have a new full-time Community Program Manager for Power Automate again along with a new Community Manager. So we will be leaning in here way more. I also spoke with Stephen Siciliano about Ideas and he is assigning two folks on the product team to work with us on this clean-up and triage that is way overdue. I appreciate all of your patience on this.


Anna comes to us from the Modern Workplace M365 Marketing Team with massive experience as a technologist and community management leader having run the Microsoft Tech Community (MTC) since its inception. She will be our CPM for Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents Anna will also lead the charge horizontally cross-community for our community events and user group initiatives. Anna reports directly to me.  Follow Anna on Twitter


So I was thinking do you three or more want to have a chat with us say next week so we can hear directly from you, capture in more detail what you think and also show you our outline plan? I have been working on this so would be great to get some feedback. If you are game maybe we do this next Thursday or Friday. I'll figure out the time zone depending on where you are in the world. Tell me where you are and send me your email address to We'll do a bigger meeting on this in an AMA/announcement - meet and greet with Anna - later this month. 


Thanks all. 




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Dear Heather,


I am a humble, untrained user but if I can do anything to help release the potential of Power Automate I would love to help.  I am in UK so UTC +1 at the moment, UTC from the end of the month